You send a standard HL7 VXU 2.5.1 to the HCX Hub.

The HCX Hub can assist with “customization” for each registry including:

  • HCX Hub handles all transport methods – SFTP, HTTPS, SOAP, VPN, etc.
  • HCX Hub can email Acknowledgement (ACK) Errors to practices that contain patient info
    • This allows the practice to correct and resubmit immunization data
  • FHS, FTS, BHS, BTS segments – HCX Hub can automatically add these segments when required by the registry
  • SOAP Envelope – HCX Hub can automatically add the SOAP envelope when required by the registry
  • File Naming – HCX Hub can automatically name files according to the rules required for each registry
  • HCX Hub provides other options specific to each registry

Bi-Directional (Query)

  • HCX Hub can utilize existing EMR capabilities to provide Bi-Directional (Query) functionality.

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