Public Health Reporting 

Using Certified EHR technology, electronic reporting of public health data replaces traditional paper-based and fax reporting. This faster, more efficient method allows public health departments to better protect the community’s health. Public health departments use the collected data from providers to understand how much disease is in a community and to develop responses more quickly and efficiently.

In Meaningful Use Stage 2, ongoing submission of electronic data for immunizations is in the core set of objectives for Eligible Providers and ongoing submission of electronic data for immunizations, reportable laboratory results, and syndromic surveillance are in the core set for Eligible Hospitalss. In addition, Eligible Providers have menu set objectives for reporting syndromic surveillance data, for reporting to cancer registries, and other specialized registries.

Syndromic Surveillance

Syndromic surveillance allows public health to monitor syndromes, or collections of symptoms, over time to quickly and accurately detect outbreaks or monitor diseases, disorders, or conditions.

Electronic Laboratory Reporting

Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) is the electronic transmission from laboratories to public health of laboratory reports which identify reportable conditions.

In an effort toward improving disease surveillance and timely notification of communicable disease reports for public health intervention, many states are now mandating electronic reporting of laboratory test results from all licensed state, commercial and hospital laboratories. Electronic laboratory reports are critical for an effective public health response both for routinely reportable diseases as well as potential bioterrorism (BT) agents.

Cancer Registry Reporting

Cancer reporting from ambulatory providers to state cancer registries is a new public health objective for Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

As part of Stage 2 Meaningful Use (MU), Eligible Professionals (EPs) can now choose “Cancer Reporting” as a public health reporting objective to receive incentives from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to implement certified electronic health record (EHR) systems to report cancer data to state cancer registries.